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SUCHNESS // Gallery Port - Laugavegur 23a, Reykjavik / Iceland

plural -es
1 : the quality or state of being such : essential or characteristic quality

2 : Buddhism : nameless and characterless reality in its ultimate nature — called also thusness
Katrin Hahner is a multidisciplinary artist. Her practice includes visual art, music, composition, poetry, and performance. She graduated with an MFA in fine arts from Akademie der Bildenden Künste / Stuttgart and Kunsthochschule Berlin/Weissensee

SUCHNESS is the first exhibition of Hahner´s works in Reykjavik and will display paintings, drawings, photographs, amulets and various artifacts.

Her research combines, ethnomusicology, sociology, mysticism, ethnography, sculpture, poetry and mixed media such as painting and drawing. She creates aural immersive environments that draw from this research and from her contributing public performance work. 

„words and sound matter to me / colours and patterns / the paintings tell me something I don´t know yet / that´s why I do it / to be guided into new knowledge that is beyond the mind“ 

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